Dina Merendina

After a healthy and aboundant breakfast, everyone at the beach!

It’s nice to enjoy the holiday together with your family: sand castles, increasingly high dives, endless matches at the marbles … but what if the kids get hungry before lunch?

At mid-morning it is important to have a small dose of instantaneous energy, so as to arrive at lunch without problems; so here at Club Family Hotel we thought of a young lady who accompanies your children up to the lunch buffet without ruining their appetite … Dina Merendina!

As always, thinking of the most appropriate nutrition for children, Dina Merendina is part of the 5 daily meals recommended by nutritionists. Collect your snack from 9.00 to 10.00 from our animators at the hotel and with a fruit or a sweet your morning will be even more tasty and carefree!