Our green oasis

The large private park lets you relax in the shade of magnificent pine trees in a traditional Mediterranean setting

Heated swimming pool heated pool (25° temperature) completely renewed with Jacuzzi.

New 2020…..Water slide in the pool

Get in, sit down and push down, sliding fast to the water….splasssshhhhhhh!!! That’s great, isn’t it? So, come on, do it one more time and then another and then another, until you have the permission of mom and dad.
In the hotel garden,  you can find the baby water slide in the heated swimming pool, so the youngest ones can have fun into the water. Always under the eyes of our lifeguard.

The open-air bar and summer restaurant, as well as the stage for show events, are entirely dedicated to the guests for leisure activities, from tanning by the pool, water aerobics, games and entertainment to the joy of reading while immersed in the peace and quiet of the greenery.