The Restaurant with Buffet Service and Front Cooking

For the whole family, for all tastes, at any time enjoy our delicacies

The restaurant is located in 2 different settings. There is a complete indoor dining room and a large outdoor dining area in our garden with a view of the pool. Just like the best international hotels, the Club Family Hotel Executive proudly offers display cooking, where the kitchen opens directly onto the dining room to ensure that the food is hot and fragrant as it is prepared and served directly by our chefs.

There are also rich buffet tables of hot and cold starters, side dishes, and fresh fruit.

A sweet morning awakening.
A rich breakfast buffet awaits you in the garden, where you’ll find a selection of croissants, cereals, jams, Nutella, honey, fresh fruit in syrup, juice, fresh ground coffee beans, cappuccino, hot and cold chocolate, fresh milk, tea, cold cuts, and cheeses of all kinds.

Pizza to eat in the restaurant!
Our “Pizzaiolo” will prepare delicious slices of pizza to our restaurant.


Sammontana H12 ice cream

It wasn’t enough for us to provide our guests, especially the children, with plenty of opportunities for snacks: snacks and snacks to take away; baby food for the little ones and granitas and hot dogs for the older ones; a party of delicacies in the evening and a small buffet before bedtime. In short, we always eat here!

So what else could we come up with? Simply bring back a sweet memory from our childhood: the “ice cream cart“. The beautiful one, all colourful, with the little bell and….
Sammontana ice creams, of course! Look for it and serve yourself whenever and however you want: stracciatella, strawberry, pistachio, chocolate, what’s the family’s favourite flavour? All of them?! Then enjoy them all!

Whether it’s at the end of a tasty lunch, to enrich the snack, to wait all together for the start of the evening shows and dances … every moment is perfect to enjoy the legendary Italian ice cream and all together as a family is even more beautiful!