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Discover the beauties of Romagna

  • Visit the fashionable Milano Marittima with elegant boutiques and the most glamorous city center. Discover our Club Family Hotel Milano Marittima, the only one with a large inflatable play area and a 150 sqm water splash park. Stroll through the evening markets in the centre of MiMa and dine at the Club Family Hotel Michelangelo. We love to bend over backwards, so we are also waiting for you in our Club Family Hotel Village Milano Marittima for dinner in the garden!
  • Enjoy an afternoon in the cool of the Pinarella di Cervia pine forest, a stone's throw from the sea, discovering the ancient Roman salt pans and the port with its characteristic salt tower. And remember: Club Family Hotel Costa dei Pini and Club Family Hotel Tintoretto await you with the same services and many different spaces dedicated to the family. It will be possible to take a long walk along Cervia's sea front, which will amaze you with its lights, elegance and flavours to be enjoyed with lunch or dinner at Club Family Hotel Cervia Village... the signature village just a short distance from the sea and the city center.
  • Have dinner under the stars only a few footsteps from the sea and from the center of Cesenatico at the restaurant of the new Club family Hotel Serenissima in Villamarina di Cesenatico. It is only a short walk from the center of Gatteo and the most interesting markets of the Adriatic coast, where kindness is always at your disposal. Admire the sky that meets the sea in the horizon line Club Family Hotel Tosi Beach sea front, is the first hotel built to belong to the Club Family Hotel group, few steps from the charming Cesenatico with shops and typical restaurants of the Adriatic Sea and 30 minutes walk from the historic harbor of Leonardo da Vinci ... the only hotel in Villamarina - Cesenatico with a Splash Park of 180 square meters to play and have fun in complete safety.
  • Come and discover the coolest town of the  Adriatic Sea: Riccione where your holiday is fashionable and trendy. Our Club Family Hotel Riccione is only a few steps from the famous Viale Ceccarini that will enchant you with lights and colours, free entry for the “Beach Village” with swimming pools and waterslide... but that's not doubles with Club Family Hotel Best Family a few steps from the sea, always to live the nightlife of the wonderful Riccione.

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