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  • Cesenatico is on the Adriatic Coast in Romagna. It is a port and tourist city with hotels located on the shore of the Adriatic. The old town around the port, with typical low-roofed fishing houses, where you can admire the "preserving houses", or the ice houses that were used traditionally to preserve fish with snow or ice. Today, as well as being a historical and cultural center of the Adriatic Coast, Cesenatico is a modern tourist center with suitably professional, and always friendly, accommodations such as Hotels, apartments, restaurants, shops, pizzerias, piadina kiosks, entertainment and accommodations for families, groups and young people.
  • The port of Cesenatico was originally built to give the city of Cesena an outlet to the sea in the early 1500s. The great Leonardo da Vinci was responsible for planning the work of strengthening the port itself. Along the Port Channel you can see the interesting Maritime Museum, a floating museum that is one of a kind in Italy, which houses an exhibition of boats used for fishing before the advent of motor-powered boats.

Tradition, food, art, sport and entertainment - Excursions and hinterland

  • Romagna is a land of places that maintain habits and traditions and these traditional places are known and appreciated for their traditional products, such as Sogliano with its aged cheese, for their history, such as, Predappio, Gradara, and Longiano with the Petrella theater and its many museums, also Bertinoro, which is known as the town of friendship.
  • For art lovers, there are the cities of: Ravenna with its mosaics in the churches; Urbino; S. Leo; S. Marino; not to mention the numerous castles which often mingle legend with reality.

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