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Children's holiday where everything is Free

Pamper for your children

  • Comfortable rooms
  • Safety rails for beds
  • Camping bed
  • Light points
  • Tubs for babies
  • Toilet seat reducers
  • Protection sockets
  • Changing
  • Dishes and cutlery for children
  • High Chairs
  • Baby Kitchen is opened H24
  • Bicycles available with child seats
  • Strollers available

For all tastes...

  • Available Washer and dryer for the washing of the clothes of the children.
  • "IO BEVO": Good, fresh and height baby :-) Only to Club Family Hotel on juice dispensers strawberry, pear and peach for your children.
  • Dina Merendina. Every morning a delicious and always different snack for all the children ... to know what it is open the bag..!
  • Sammontana H12 ice cream: quality comes first, taste Sammontana ice creams in our ice cream cart in the bar area.
  • Mini table-football: now no longer exclusive for grown-up :-) Even children can engage in a "last goal challenge" imagining being actual champions of a major football final..A timeless game from the past... the table-football!

Our motto is: "happy kids make calm parents" because if children are happy also parents can enjoy a well deserved holiday

  • Every day our chefs will prepare vegetable broths and purées with fresh carrots, potatoes and zucchini without salt. Parmesan and extra virgin olive oil are always available on the buffet table. Other ingredients such as freeze-dried or prepared meat or fish, and cheese should be brought from home, but there are also shops nearby where you can buy it.
  • Baby meals are prepared during the regular meal times at the restaurant then Mothers may add all ingredients (prepared or freeze-dried foods, meal and various pastas) of their own. For weaning children we offer a small kitchenette to mothers that need to prepare baby meals 24 hours a day. We have a mother's corner for them who want to breastfeed their little children quietly, while seated comfortably. A bottle warmer is always available.
  • Children‘s Pediatra Doctor consulting. To be quiet on Holiday. For all mothers who want to be safe on Holiday, children‘s Pediatra Doctor consulting in Hotel completely free. A free pediatric service is available (at set times from Monday to Friday).
  • For the medical emergencies of the little ones. We certainly hope you will not need it, but if it will happen we are in Cesenatico 5 minutes away from the Hospital. Whenever you need please inform the reception (which is staffed 24 hours a day) in order to get in touch with whomever you wish. In nearby Rimini (15 km), there is also a 24 hour pediatric emergency room.
  • Nannies for your babies. Expert, careful and qualified: the nannies of Club Family Hotel will take care of your kids (8 months to 3 years). From Monday to Friday (on request).

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