Playstation 5

But could we overlook the older boys?! Absolutely not! That's why we decided to create a corner just for them, and not with just any games, but with the queen of the latest generation of gaming consoles: Playstation 5!

A great gaming console that will really make your teenage kids happy, but maybe you too, provided they let you play.

Thanks to extraordinarily realistic graphics, a unique loading speed, and imaginary characters that will take your kids on incredible adventures with unimaginable scenarios, family holidays become truly unique and unforgettable, even in the rain!

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Virtual Reality

The PS5 is undeniably legendary, but with virtual reality viewers it's even more so! And we know how to make your kids happy, even when they're teenagers: for us, holiday happiness is for all ages 🤗!

So how about challenging your kids to an exciting and totally immersive gaming challenge? We give you all the tools you need to make even the cloudiest day a bright and memorable one. If you want to have fun with your family, you can always challenge our entertainers, who can't wait to play, or why not organise a league with new friends you've met on holiday? Epic battles, unique performances, unimagined playgrounds - it's all possible thanks to the visors. All you have to do is let yourself get swept up in the game and experience it all together with your children, as long as you can convince them to let you play.

Now do you see why our guests love us so much! Because we always think about how to make every family's holiday fantastic, even those with older children and even virtually 😍.

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